How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in the Midst of Uncertainty

Uncertainty. How do we live with it? Human beings don’t like not knowing what comes next. We look for explanations and predictions. We are drawn to people and stories that profess to tell us what will happen—but no one can predict the future. However, you…

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Three Steps to Move Past Money Shame

Have you ever felt embarrassed about your finances? Do you judge yourself for not paying more attention to your money? In addition to being unpleasant, these emotions can have real and negative consequences. Simply, shame prevents you from taking positive actions to secure your financial…

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Sofia Financial Rolls Out Innovative New Service Lineup

Creative, flexible options expressly designed for professional women who believe money is important for what it can do, not as an end in itself. Women are wired differently than are men with respect to their relationship with money. Research shows we share the view that…

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Your Financial Life is a Journey – Pack Carefully

A while back I was paging through the Patagonia catalog at my kitchen table. Not only does Patagonia make fabulous products that last forever and have a sincere commitment to the planet; their catalogs feature gorgeous photography. I love looking and dreaming of “someday” trips….

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How Important is Money to You?

It was the first road day of my extended family’s adventure to Tanzania this summer.  I was riding in the back of the Land Rover with Rafael, one of our three guides for the trip and a Maasai tribesman.  Enthralled by the views of the…

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The Benefits of Learning a Little Bit – in Tanzania and in Finances

In both our personal and professional lives, lessons come from unexpected places, and applying them can be an enlightening process. My extended family was going on safari in Tanzania for my parents’ 50th anniversary.  We were excited to see elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, and hopefully…

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Women Investing in Women

Thoughts and Takeaways from the “Investing In Women” Event, December 10, 2014 What happens when you get a group of 27 women together in a room to discuss aligning our money with our values? Great things! Our panel addressed the value of investing in women through multiple…

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The Case for Investing in Women

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been posting statistics on women’s economic impact. To recap just a few: 73% of buying decisions in the US are made by women. Women control decision-making for $11 trillion of investable assets. 80-90% of women will be solely…

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