Creative, flexible options expressly designed for professional women who believe money is important for what it can do, not as an end in itself.

Women are wired differently than are men with respect to their relationship with money. Research shows we share the view that money is a tool to improve our lives and impact the future of our families and communities, rather than an end in itself. This compels us to have a different kind of money conversation — one that takes into account the values, priorities and principles women want to live by and the legacies they want to leave behind. Such discussions are very personal and often emotional.

Historically, the financial services industry has left women out of the equation. Many of us have encountered wealth managers who only want to work with “high net worth” clients. The advent of digital solutions, so-called robo-advisers, doesn’t fix what is broken. While the efficiencies of technology allow providers to lower the minimum investment required to receive advice, the trend exacerbates the problem because it depersonizes decision-making even more.

I founded Sofia Financial in 2011. I wanted women to have more control over their finances, a better understanding about money, and the power to shape their own futures. I’ve been listening to our clients and all the women we know. I’m excited to announce that, as a result of those conversations, we have expanded our lineup of services. We believe these changes will help achieve our goal of helping our clients alleviate their areas of money stress, so they can achieve sustainable financial wellness and be resilient in the face of all that life throws at them.

We invite you to visit Sofia Financial’s newly re-designed website. We would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback on our new lineup. Please keep in touch in whatever way works for you.

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