You’ve had a great career.
What’s next?


Are you ready to flip the switch from a daily schedule and regular paycheck to full freedom and living off your investments?

You’re starting to think about retirement. This next phase of life might mean not working at all, changing fields, reducing your hours, starting a business, or volunteering to change the world.

But you have some nagging worries that are bothering you more and more:

  • “Do I really have enough to embark on this next chapter?”
  • “How can I ensure I’m making smart decisions with the assets I’ve accumulated?”
  • “How can I ensure I won’t run out of money when there’s no one else to fall back on?”
  • “How can I set my children up for security?”
  • “How can I create retirement income I can’t outlive?”
  • “Who will care for me in old age, and how will I pay for that?”

These worries come with some pretty intense feelings.

  • You’re feeling anxious about conflicting financial priorities.
  • You’re balancing what you’d like to do today with what you might need in the future.
  • You’re overwhelmed with the thought of how to make all this happen.
  • You have a nagging worry about ending up dependent on someone else.

You’ve maxed out your 401k, socked away money in CDs and savings accounts, done a little investing on your own, and maybe even have stock options from your employer.

But you know there’s more to be done before you really feel secure.


Maybe you need a financial planner.

But how can you find one you trust?

You’ve probably gotten advice here and there from friends and family. Or maybe you’ve worked with a financial manager in the past who was obsessed with your investment portfolio but not interested in the nuances of your life.

How do you find someone who won’t make you feel bad about your questions, who won’t focus only on your investments, with whom you’re comfortable being open about something as intimate as money?

Financial planning made just for single women

You have specific needs. We have the right guidance.

Sofia Financial’s xxxxx program walks you through a proven process to get clear on what your money needs to do for you and what’s possible and necessary given your specific situation.

While other advisors might assume you know everything or nothing, we will never talk down to you or overwhelm you with information. We commit to making you feel heard, secure, and at ease, freeing you to pursue a life of fulfillment, inspiration and joy.

The outcomes of our work together can include:

  • Clarity on when you can “retire” or move to a new chapter
  • A custom-made plan and accountability to check things off your list
  • Peace of mind that you’re making smart decisions and haven’t overlooked anything
  • Ongoing decision support as your life evolves
  • Freedom from getting caught up in the stressful headlines
  • Feeling more competent and educated about personal finance

While you may live an independent life, feeling isolated and alone when it comes to big decisions can be scary. Let us be your partner as you walk this path.

We talk with women like you all the time!

Our clients are smart, passionate women who would rather use their time and energy on things other than researching investments and IRS rules. You will feel cared for, confident and competent, knowing you have a true partner in all financial decisions; someone who has your back.

It’s never just about numbers, investments, or “beating the market.” It’s about lining up your financial resources and decisions to assure your security, independence, and freedom. 

Because when YOU are financially stable and exercising your economic power, not only can you control your future, you make the world a better place.

You will feel at ease and secure, knowing we have a plan and are working the plan. To free you to pursue a life of fulfillment, inspiration and joy.

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