Your partner is gone.
How will you go on?


On top of immeasurable grief, you’re carrying the weight of practical concerns

The day your spouse passed, your world came tumbling down. Whether after a long illness or a sudden tragedy, the loss of a spouse is utterly devastating. Your plans for a shared life together are dashed. You’re in the midst of your own deeply personal and unique journey through grief.

You’re feeling alone — in everything, including financial decisions.

It feels like new fears crop up routinely… worries like:

  • “My spouse used to take care of this stuff. How will I do it alone?”
  • “I’m anxious about having enough to support myself, now and in the future.”
  • “Will I be able to continue my current lifestyle?”
  • “I don’t know how to make smart decisions with the assets I inherited.”
  • “I have to make some big decisions when it comes to supporting the children.”
  • “I hate this stuff, thinking about it leaves me exhausted and drained.”
  • “I have no idea how I’m going to get all of this done.”

Maybe you need a financial planner.

“Can I find an advisor who really hears me?”

How can you find someone you can trust? Someone who won’t push you, who won’t make you feel bad about your questions and anxieties, who won’t talk down to you? Someone who can address the specific issues that arise after a spouse’s death?

Maybe you “inherited” a financial planner from your spouse, but you have no real connection with this person. Or maybe they really just focus on investments, and your questions are so much broader.

You want someone who will really listen to YOU and address your range of concerns and explain things in plain language so you’ll feel confident, not vulnerable.

Financial planning for widows

Right now you may feel like you have no one to talk to. Let’s change that.

Let us be your guide through this challenging time. You deserve to have a true partner in all financial decisions, who has your best interest at heart.

Sofia Financial’s xxxxx program cradles and nurtures you, walking you through a proven process. We prioritize and break things down into short meetings, and we’ll take as much time and space as you need to understand and feel comfortable. We work together to get clear on what your money needs to do for you and what’s possible, and necessary, given your specific situation.

We help you figure out what needs to be done now (very few things), what should be done soon (more), and what can wait until much later (more than you’d think).

Working together, you can:

  • Design a lifestyle that fits your means, so you understand where you can and should spend given future uncertainty.
  • Build the financial foundation for a secure future, by discussing what types of financial vehicles and products make sense for your unique situation.
  • Receive decision support and accountability going forward so you get things done, avoid mistakes, and feel confident in your choices.

Being thrust into financial decisions is overwhelming. And deeply personal. Instead of feeling paralysed by your to-do list, let’s tackle it together.

We talk with women like you all the time!

Our clients are smart, passionate women who would rather use their time and energy on things other than researching investments and IRS rules. You will feel cared for, confident and competent, knowing you have a true partner in all financial decisions; someone who has your back.

It’s never just about numbers, investments, or “beating the market.” It’s about lining up your financial resources and decisions to assure your security, independence, and freedom. 

Because when YOU are financially stable and exercising your economic power, not only can you control your future, you make the world a better place.

You will feel at ease and secure, knowing we have a plan and are working the plan. To free you to pursue a life of fulfillment, inspiration and joy.

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