Tired of having no one to talk to about your money situation?


Financial Planning for Women

- whether single, married, divorced, or widowed -
who are looking for a partner in financial decision-making

You don’t have to face this uncertainty alone.

You’re a woman with some looming financial decisions to make, and you’re tired of worrying about them on your own.

Sofia Financial can be your caring friend, subject-matter expert, and accountability partner.

We specialize in working with women who are...


and anxious about giving up your paycheck.


and professional and independent.


and struggling to understand your financial reality.


and now everything falls to you.


Hi, I'm Stephanie

…and I talk to women in your situation all the time!

I’ve been a financial advisor for 23 years and started Sofia Financial because I was sick of seeing women receive poor service from the financial industry. 
I wanted to create a meaningful business that really spoke with women, instead of making them feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and marginalized.

Our clients are smart, passionate women who would rather use their time and energy on things other than researching investments and IRS rules. You will feel cared for, confident and competent, knowing you have a true partner in all financial decisions; someone who has your back.

By creating a safe space for open conversation, together we get you pointed in the right direction.

Small Group Workshops

40 minutes of conversation and questions to help you figure out your best next step.



July 28th at 12 pm ET

Limited Seating to 25 Women

Demystifying Long Term Care



Coming Soon

Limited Seating to 25 Women

TBD - What Would YOU Like To Discuss?

Ready to have a partner in your financial decision-making?

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