Live Workshops


Financial Planning for Women


Join me for this highly interactive, small-group workshop designed to help you gain clarity as you look ahead to “retirement,” whatever that means to you.

This is a safe space to discuss the ways money touches our whole lives, and the stresses we face in that area.

It’s not polite to talk about money with your girlfriends, so talk with us!

Hosted by

Stephanie McCullough 22-year financial planner and founder of Sofia Financial.


Small Group Workshops

40 minutes of conversation and questions to help you figure out your best next step.

This is not a sales pitch! My mission is to create a world where ALL women are empowered to make wise financial decisions. Because when women feel smart about money, they can control their future – and change the world!



April 29th at 12 pm ET

Limited Seating to 25 Women

Top Five Personal Finance Topics Women Avoid - But Shouldn't



May 26th at 12 pm ET

Limited Seating to 25 Women

Planning for Un-Retirement: Making Sure You Have Enough Money for What’s Next

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