01: What the Heck is Retirement Income Planning?

When you were young, you wanted to do everything! You had the time but not the money to do it all. 

When you started working and maybe raising a family, you had more money, but not the time. 

Now that you’re nearing “retirement,” whatever that means, you ideally have the money AND time to do what you want. 

But now what? How do you turn savings into income that is going to support everything you want to do? 

In this episode Stephanie and Kevin want to help you Take Back Retirement by discussing these key topics: 

  • What exactly is Retirement Income Planning? (01:30)
  • Should you work in retirement? (03:00)
  • Making the unknowns known (06:35)
  • The dangers of committing to a plan too early OR Designing your perfect retirement is always evolving(08:13)
  • Prioritizing what you want to do (12:21)
  • Be wary of salespeople (17:16)


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