Monthly Video Series

Wishing you all financial good luck for the month ahead! 

What is Rabbit Rabbit? 
When Stephanie was a little kid, she and her friends decided that if Rabbit was the first word out of your mouth the first day of the month you would have good luck for the rest of the month. Now, at the start of each month she brings some financial wisdom by discussing a different topic each month.

August 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

Focus on looking forward and have a little self-compassion.

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July 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

Welcome to the July 2019 Rabbit Rabbit video. On the first of each month, Stephanie’s Rabbit Rabbit videos are posted to give you insight and tips on managing your money….

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June 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

June 2019 Rabbit Rabbit

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May 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

What is impact investing? Is it something you should consider for your own investments? Thoughts on the evolution of this style of investing and how to think about it for…

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April 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

April 2019 Rabbit Rabbit

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March 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

How to think about the fact that women are very likely to be caregivers, and we also may need long-term care ourselves. The statistics are shocking. What do we do…

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February 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

February 2019 Rabbit Rabbit

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January 2019 Rabbit, Rabbit

January 2019 Rabbit Rabbit

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December 2018

December 2018 Rabbit Rabbit!

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November 2018 Rabbit, Rabbit

November 2018 Rabbit Rabbit!

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