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Are You Ready to Take Back Retirement?


Welcome to the Take Back Retirement podcast! Where two financial planners help women age 50 and better break down the myths and mysteries of retirement so they can gain clarity and take action around their next chapter.

The show will be a combination of conversations between hosts Stephanie McCullough and Kevin Gaines, interviews with subject-matter experts, and conversations with women who have been there and have stories to share.

While it’s a serious topic, we’re also going to have fun with it. We believe the best learning happens when we are able to relax and enjoy.

We don’t give cookie-cutter advice. Everyone’s experience, situation, and priorities are unique. We’re here to empower you to ask the right questions so you can gather the information you need to make wise decisions.

Because when women feel smart about money, they are able to control their future!

The show launches in September 2020 with two episodes per month.

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