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Episode 16

She Did It! Real Retirement Stories with Lori Osterberg

16: She Did It! Real Retirement Stories with Lori Osterberg

Guest Name: Lori Osterberg

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Today’s guest is Lori Osterberg. She is an author, content creator, educator, and, in her own words, a “Gen-Xer who has been setting the online world on fire for the past 20 years.”

Currently in a little town outside Portland, OR, Lori is living what she recently realized to be her dream life. She writes up to three books a year and just recently published her ninth novel.

Lori recalls how at the start of their careers she and her husband lived through several rounds of corporate downsizing. They got to a point where they decided enough was enough—it was time to take control.

Since then, Lori and her husband have been in business for themselves, bringing together their interest in computers with their artistic skills in photography. Then when their daughter was looking at colleges she first heard of the “gap year” concept. Inspired, they decided to truly maximize their freedom and explore new possibilities. As it turns out, their gap year turned into a gap rest-of-their-lives!

Listen in and learn how Lori achieved the freedom to do what she loves, and how she helps other women over 40 do the same.

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Key Topics

How Lori’s doing right now (2:06)

Lori’s journey from corporate to business owner to globe-trotting romance novelist (4:05)

Navigating big challenges in 2020 and those lingering in 2021 (9:25)

How Lori got to the point where she could semi-retire (11:16)

What Lori knows now that she wishes she knew then (15:33)

Meeting fellow “gap year lifestyle” folks (17:15)

“There’s something freeing in letting stuff go.” (18:54)

Keeping in touch with friends and family while living a mobile life (21:14)

Has this lifestyle impacted Lori’s writing? (22:11)

Lori’s tips for people who want to have a lifestyle like hers (24:00)

How Lori got her husband, family, and friends onboard with her gap life plan (26:36)

The pros and cons of moving to or retiring in Mexico (29:42)

“It’s never been about retirement. It’s about freedom.” (33:35)

How to get in touch with Lori (36:02)

“Don’t think about your current situation. Think about where you want to go.” (36:32)

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