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Episode 18

How Do We Prepare for the Worst? with Mary Beth Simón

Episode 18 - How Do We Prepare for the Worst? with Mary Beth Simón

Guest Name: Mary Beth Simón

Visit Website: nichepartnershipconsulting.net/

“Most of us do not do enough to prepare for the unexpected.” How sure are you that you, your family, and your business are ready in times of emergency?


Our guest today is Mary Beth Simón. She founded Niche Partnership Consulting “to solve real-world problems faced by individuals and entrepreneurs” with particular emphasis on helping them create their contingency plan to keep business and life running smoothly in an emergency.


Listen in and learn why most people’s “contingency plans” are seldom robust enough when challenging times arrive and the most common things that they overlook when it comes to having their plan ready for deployment. Mary Beth also explains why contingency plans are not just for the elderly or sickly and why it is, in fact, never too early for anybody to start preparing theirs.


Reach out to Mary Beth to learn how to be prepared in times of emergency. Download her free contingency plan kit at www.nichepartnershipconsulting.net/kit.

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Key Topics

What does Mary Beth do, exactly? (1:52)

Optimizing our processes to be ready in times of emergency (4:45)

Why Mary Beth has her clients create a paper plan as opposed to a digital plan (07:00)

What most people don’t realize when it comes to having a contingency plan ready (8:02)

How a leader and their second-in-command can best prepare for the unexpected (10:32)

The process that Mary Beth uses when working with business owners (14:32)

“There aren’t that many people that you can pay to figure it out in an emergency.” (15:55)

Why do people avoid preparing for the inevitable? (18:07)

Why everybody needs a contingency plan (21:50)

How Mary Beth works with different kinds of clients on their plans (26:30)

Three things that anybody can do to be more prepared right now (31:26)

Mary Beth’s group program (34:23)

Why the time to have tough conversations is now (36:35)

“I don’t need it. My life is simple.” (37:36)

“It’s easier to plan when you’re not in the middle of a storm.” (38:56)

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