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Episode 10

She did it! Real Retirement Stories with Sheila Netti

She did it! Real Retirement Stories with Sheila Netti

Guest Name: Sheila Netti

Visit Website: sheilanetti.com

Today’s guest is Wealth Empowerment Coach Sheila Netti. Sheila is an amazing source of knowledge on all things money management and financial education. In this conversation, she goes down memory lane to talk about her personal retirement journey.

Having grown up in the projects in 1960s Harlem, the environment where Sheila spent her childhood was far from the safest and most prestigious. Couple that with a father who, despite toiling day after day to provide for his family, was unable to move the needle on his family’s socioeconomic status.

Sheila realized, from the ripe young age of eight, that something had to change. She recounts her path to retirement, from her initial dream of becoming a nuclear physicist as a child, to joining the Navy in order to pay for college, to making the decision that she would retire by the age of 55.

Listen in and learn how Sheila changed her behaviors and beliefs to achieve financial freedom and, later on, how she found a passion for helping other women do the same.

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Key Topics

  • Sheila’s journey to retirement (1:49)
  • I retired at 55! …Now what? (7:30)
  • Setting up the business (12:22)
  • Sheila’s plan for putting away money over time (16:44)
  • How Sheila approached investing (22:19)
  • “Money and emotions don’t mix.” (25:36)
  • “I didn’t need to pay myself with things. I shifted to experiences.” (29:18)
  • What was harder: saving or not spending? (31:29)
  • Why Sheila became a wealth coach (35:43)
  • Teaching your kids how to manage money (38:07)
  • How investing in real estate played a role in Sheila’s plan (40:09)
  • The biggest challenge that Sheila’s coaching clients are facing around money mindset (45:18)
  • “Be confident in your ability to be powerful with money.” (47:20)
  • Reach out to Sheila to learn how to take control of your financial destiny. Visit her website at www.sheilanetti.com.

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