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Episode 08

Retirement is More than Money with Autumn Nessler

Retirement is More than Money with Autumn Nessler

Guest Name: Autumn Nessler

Visit Website: designretirement.org

“Who are you going to be without your business card? When everybody else is working Monday through Friday, what the heck is going to be taking up your time? How are you going to use your skills and talents?”

There are millions of women, right now, who are wondering what their life could look like after leaving behind their successful and hard-won career. They know they want to retire, but with decades of life left to live, the fundamental question that’s ever-present as they get closer to that last day of work is, “What’s next?” In this episode, we cover how to navigate this crucial transition and design an exciting and purposeful post-career life.

Today’s guest is Retirement Options Coach Autumn Nessler. She is the founder of An Intentional Life, LLC, which assists women in the creation of a lifestyle plan through educational workshops, research-based assessments, and one-to-one coaching. Autumn works with her clients to create a non-financial retirement plan by helping women in hard-won careers deal with what she calls the “choice overload” that comes when they leave that job, so that they have the full confidence to forge their path going forward and live life on their own terms.

Reach out to Autumn for a “clarity session” on your potential post-career life via autumn@designretirement.org. Visit her website at www.designretirement.org.

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Key Topics

  • What Autumn does for work and who she works with (1:38)
  • Autumn’s own “ah-hah” moment that led her down her current path (5:07)
  • Answering “What lies ahead?” for high-powered women thinking of retirement (10:45)
  • “Why does it have to be a crisis for us to take care of ourselves?” (16:12)
  • How to be intentional (18:51)
  • Why we’re living in one of the best periods of history (21:56)
  • Rethinking retirement (26:58)
  • An example of a client’s success story (28:28)
  • The idea of a post-pandemic world should inspire you to be creative about your future (32:02)

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