Take Back Retirement


Episode 05

A Simple Framework for Thinking About Retirement Expenses

A Simple Framework for Thinking About Retirement Expenses

What do we need our money to do for us in “retirement?” Yes, pay our regular bills and hopefully some fun along the way. But there’s more to it, and important pieces that people often overlook. Stephanie and Kevin share a helpful framework for thinking about financial needs, and what type of assets are best suited to provide each out. Note The Four L’s is borrowed from renowned retirement researcher Dr. Wade Pfau.

List of resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading & social media handles, contact information for guests:

Forbes article, “Giving While Living, Not Just for Billionaires”

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Key Topics

  • What are the Four “L”s? 1:00
  • Knowing what you got 3:33
  • Longevity 7:46
  • Lifestyle 9:08
  • Liquidity 11:00
  • Legacy 11:23
  • What goes where 14:53
  • The importance of being flexible 25:33
  • “It’s A Family Affair” 32.42
  • Gifting 41:44

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