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Episode 03

Turning Your Retirement Savings to Retirement Income

Turning Your Retirement Savings to Retirement Income

Building your retirement income plan can become complex. There’s a lot to put together. You know what assets you have, but how do you organize all of these tools to work together to create sustainable income?

It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. The first step is to separate the pieces into categories. Even though everyone’s pieces will look a little different, Stephanie and Kevin help you see how you can use different vehicles as retirement income.

Resources mentioned:

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Key Topics

  • Categorizing what assets you have is the first step to start your retirement income plan (01:08)
  • Using U.S. Government funded programs such as Social Security & Medicare (03:12)
  • Other sources of possible income (06:55)
  • Your IRA is not just an investment vehicle (09:28)
  • Using your home as equity (10:41)
  • What role do annuities and life insurance play? (12:07)

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