Take Back Retirement


The money show for Gen X and baby boomer women looking for retirement advice from two fun financial planners. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the decisions ahead of you, our experts and conversation will help you be more confident.

10: She did it! Real Retirement Stories with Sheila Netti

Today’s guest is Wealth Empowerment Coach Sheila Netti. Sheila is an amazing source of knowledge on all things money management and financial education. In this conversation, she goes down memory lane to talk about her personal retirement journey. Having grown up in the projects in…

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09: New Year’s Money Resolutions

A common topic for this time of year is New Year’s Resolutions. From what we’ve seen, a lot of people’s New Year’s Resolutions often involve money, and the stuff regarding our finances that we know we should do and feels simple. But it never really…

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08: Retirement is More than Money with Autumn Nessler

“Who are you going to be without your business card? When everybody else is working Monday through Friday, what the heck is going to be taking up your time? How are you going to use your skills and talents?” There are millions of women, right…

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07: Here’s a Secret: We’re Guessing, and That’s OK

As human beings, we crave certainty. We want to know what’s going to happen and to know that we’re going to be okay. When looking into the financial future, we have to realize that a key ingredient of any analysis is assumptions or, to be…

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06: Crucial Questions to Ask about Senior Living Options, with Lindsey Poeth

Many of us are fortunate enough to have parents who are living. That means that someday, they may need care. What are the impacts of a parent’s need for care on our lives? Today we welcome Certified Senior Advisor Lindsey Poeth to Take Back Retirement….

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05: A Simple Framework for Thinking About Retirement Expenses

What do we need our money to do for us in “retirement?” Yes, pay our regular bills and hopefully some fun along the way. But there’s more to it, and important pieces that people often overlook. Stephanie and Kevin share a helpful framework for thinking…

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04: Give Yourself Permission to Plan Your Next Chapter, with Randi Levin

Many people picture moving into retirement as: One day you’re working and the next day you’re retired. As we learn from life transition expert Randi Levin, CEO & founder of Randi Levin Coaching,moving into retirement is best done with preparation. It does not have to…

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03: Turning Your Retirement Savings to Retirement Income

Building your retirement income plan can become complex.  There’s a lot to put together. You know what assets you have, but how do you organize all of these tools to work together to create sustainable income?  It’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. The first…

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02: Retire on Your Own Terms – Or Don’t!

There is no right way to retire. Even if you don’t do everything you had hoped to do, you can still build a plan so that you can do more of the things you want and less of the stuff you don’t. In this episode…

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01: What the Heck is Retirement Income Planning?

When you were young, you wanted to do everything! You had the time but not the money to do it all.  When you started working and maybe raising a family, you had more money, but not the time.  Now that you’re nearing “retirement,” whatever that…

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