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Many situations can lead to financial stress.  Women most often seek out help when they’ve reached some type of turning point.


You have a decent income but you’re not very good at saving for the future.  You don’t know where your money goes


You’ve saved some money here and there, but you don’t pay as much attention to it as you should, and you’re not sure how it all fits together.


You’re working with a financial advisor who doesn’t really listen to you, who doesn’t answer your questions, or who makes you feel bad about yourself.


You’re not sure if you should be saving for your big goals or paying down debt.


You and your spouse or partner don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to finances.


You’re inheriting some money, or you’ve recently gotten a pay increase, and you want to be sure you’re being smart with it.


You have or are planning to start your own business and need some help thinking through the ramifications for your personal finances.


You or a family member have insurance (life, disability, long-term care) – or you don’t have it – and you don’t know how it works, how much or what kind you really need.

Or your situation is

(fill in the blank),

and you’re stressed about money.

Most of my clients came to me with one or more of these concerns.

By creating a safe space for open conversation, together we get you pointed in the right direction. 


Let’s find a time to talk about your situation.  

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