I Need Investment Guidance

You have some money you need to invest.

Maybe it’s with a financial adviser you don’t quite connect with or someone who doesn’t “get” you. Maybe you invested it years ago and haven’t looked since.

Maybe it’s newly in your hands as a result of an inheritance or gift from a loved one, and you feel keenly responsible to that person’s legacy.  Maybe you’re moving to a new phase of life, and your investments now have a new job to do.


Whatever the case, you need objective advice customized to your situation.


Remembering always that money is a tool, we dig in to your situation to really understand what your investments need to do for you. Then we bring the team’s knowledge of investments, markets and mechanics to the conversation, and suggest a combination of tools that align with the money’s job(s).

Together we arrive at a strategy. It’s always collaborative. You need to understand what you’re investing in so you can make wise decisions. Only then do we walk through the steps to implement the agreed strategy.

Once in place, we travel with you to be sure you are on target through the choppy waters of the investment markets.


This includes:

  • ongoing monitoring of chosen investment vehicles, asset allocation and adherence with overall strategy;
  • performance analysis and tracking;
  • recommendation of investment changes when warranted;
  • rebalancing and tax loss harvesting as appropriate;
  • detailed review meeting at least twice a year

*The Odyssey is designed as an accompaniment to The Expedition.

Cost for The Odyssey starts at 1.00% per year and moves down as total amount invested with us increases, as laid out in the chart below.


Total Investment Value








Above $3,000,000 to be discussed case-by-case.

Let’s find a time to talk about your situation.

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