I Have A Couple Of  Questions

You have one or two burning questions.  You want objective answers.


THE QUEST is designed as a cost-effective way to give you direction on the one or two issues that are most pressing. 


In a ninety-minute face-to-face session, we ask the key questions, listen deeply, and review any documents you have to share. Together we’ll come up with specific, actionable recommendations. You’ll likely have homework, but also clarity on next steps.  Some topics previous clients have addressed in The Quest : 

Am I on track for retirement?

How am I invested?

Do I need insurance? What kind and how much?

What do I have?  (financial inventory)

How do my employee benefits work? 

What kind and how much?

THE QUEST comes in two sizes.

$425 for 90 minutes one-on-one with an experienced financial advisor focused solely on YOU, your questions, your worries.
$850 for two one-on-one meetings plus research and analysis by our team in-between.


There is never an obligation or pressure to buy or do anything else with us, though we hope you’ll keep in touch!

Most of our clients came to us with one or more of these concerns.

By creating a safe space for open conversation, together we get you pointed in the right direction. 


Let’s find a time to talk about your situation.  

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