We’ve deliberately designed our services to fit women’s needs at a variety of junctures in their lives.

Our time together can range from a one-time session to address your most burning money question, to an ongoing thought-partner accountability engagement.

In each, YOU are the crucial ingredient. We look at all aspects of your financial picture and of your life. What are your priorities, your values? What do you want to accomplish, and for whom? All of our knowledge and tools are worthless without those answers.


We emphasize transparency, objectivity, and putting your interests first.

The Itinerary

THE ITINERARY is designed to draw the map for your journey to financial wellness.

The Itinerary provides a safe place to talk it all out, make sense of everything, figure out where you’re headed and how to get there. It includes four or five 1.5 hour face-to-face meetings. We collaborate on possible future paths. You emerge understanding how specific actions can affect your future so you can make informed decisions. We examine your personal patterns and money history so we can anticipate what might get in your way, and come up with strategies to deal with potential roadblocks.

Clarity on the path forward is powerful.

Cost for THE ITINERARY is:

$3000 for an individual
$3500 for a couple.

Optional budgeting/cash-flow segment $525.

The Expedition

THE EXPEDITION provides professional, compassionate accountability and expert guidance.

Many clients, once they have the map in hand, appreciate continuing relationship. We designed The Expedition to answer that need. We act as accountability partner, helping you think through the decisions that inevitably arise as you move through life.  It’s like having a financial planner as your friendly next-door neighbor, available whenever you have a question or concern.   With regular pro-active communication and on-call availability, you’ll experience less stress and increased confidence.

Partnership along the way keeps you on track.

In keeping with our mission to make quality, objective advice available to women at all levels of income and wealth, we offer three levels of service for THE EXPEDITION.

Cost for THE EXPEDITION starts at:

$160.00 per month

The Quest

THE QUEST is designed as a cost-effective way to give you direction on the one or two issues that are most pressing. 

In a ninety-minute face-to-face session, we ask the key questions, listen deeply, and review any documents you have to share. Together we’ll come up with specific, actionable recommendations. You’ll likely have homework, but also clarity on next steps.  Some topics previous clients have addressed in The Quest :

  • Am I on track for retirement?
  • How am I invested?
  • Do I need insurance? What kind and how much?
  • What do I have?  (financial inventory)
  • How do my employee benefits work? 
  • What kind and how much?

There is never an obligation or pressure to buy or do anything else with us, though we hope you’ll keep in touch!

THE QUEST comes in two sizes:

$425 for 90 minutes one-on-one with an experienced financial advisor focused solely on YOU, your questions, your worries.

$850 for two one-on-one meetings plus research and analysis by our team in-between.

The Odyssey

You have some money you need to invest.

Maybe it’s with a financial adviser you don’t quite connect with or someone who doesn’t “get” you. Maybe you invested it years ago and haven’t looked since.

Maybe it’s newly in your hands as a result of an inheritance or gift from a loved one, and you feel keenly responsible to that person’s legacy.  Maybe you’re moving to a new phase of life, and your investments now have a new job to do.

Whatever the case, you need objective advice customized to your situation.

*The Odyssey is designed as an accompaniment to The Expedition.

    Cost for THE ODYSSEY starts at:

    1% per year and moves down as total amount invested with us increases.


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